Williamsburg Is the Exception as Poor Neighborhoods Grow

iO0BoTgcERUgBloomberg 12.04.14
Don’t let Williamsburg fool you. Rather than up-and-coming, most down-and-out neighborhoods stay that way.
The rebirth of the Brooklyn neighborhood’s former mean streets obscures the pervasiveness of poverty in virtually all U.S. cities through booms and busts, recessions and revivals, according to a study released today by Portland-based think tank City Observatory.
The analysis of four decades of U.S. Census Bureau data shows that for every high-poverty zone that improved, 12 poor ones worsened. Between 1970 and 2010, the number of highly impoverished neighborhoods tripled and their population doubled. Just three cities — New York, Chicago and Washington — showed significant gains in turning around low-income areas.

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