World Bank Approves $400 Million to Improve Urban Services in Tamil Nadu, India

World Bank

Over two million urban residents in Tamil Nadu to benefit

WASHINGTON, March 31, 2015 – The World Bank today approved a $400 million loan for the Tamil Nadu Sustainable Urban Development Project to help strengthen the financial and administrative capacity of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in planning, financing and delivering services in a financially sustainable manner. It will also pilot best practices in urban management in select cities.

The project will focus on giving results-based grants to eligible ULBs in the state; invest in urban services such as water supply, sewerage, drainage, solid waste management, and urban transportation networks; and strengthen the capacity of ULBs to carry out reforms in the areas of urban finance and governance. Most of these components will be open to all ULBs who may wish to participate within an agreed framework under the project.

This is in keeping with the needs of a rapidly urbanizing state where about 35 million people reside in urban areas and account for 9.6 percent of India’s urban population.

“Tamil Nadu is a rapidly urbanizing state and a pioneer in many aspects of urban development. However, there is a huge unfinished reforms and investment agenda for the state,” said Onno Ruhl, World Bank Country Director in India. “This project will help empower urban local bodies in Tamil Nadu mobilize resources and improve service delivery functions as it moves from interventions such as building city roads to more complex work such as constructing sewerage systems.”


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One thought on “World Bank Approves $400 Million to Improve Urban Services in Tamil Nadu, India

  1. Reblogged this on El carrer i la ciutat and commented:
    «…un ajut enfortir la capacitat financera i administrativa de Cossos Urbans Locals (ULB) en la planificació, el finançament i la prestació de serveis d’una manera financerament sostenible. També posarà a prova les millors pràctiques en la gestió urbana en ciutats selectes.

    El projecte es centrarà en donar a la consecució de resultats de subvencions als ULB elegibles en l’estat; invertir en serveis urbans com aigua potable, clavegueram, drenatge, maneig de residus sòlids, i les xarxes de transport urbà; i enfortir la capacitat dels ULB per dur a terme reformes en les àrees de finances i la governança urbana. La majoria d’aquests components estaran obertes a tots els ULB que desitgin participar en un marc acordat de conformitat amb el projecte.

    Això està d’acord amb les necessitats d’un estat de ràpida urbanització, on prop de 35 milions de persones viuen en zones urbanes i representen el 9,6 per cent de la població urbana de l’Índia.


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